September 1st, 2015

If you happened to head to Google today you may have noticed one of the most influential companies in the world has released their sixth logo overhaul since their inception.

Why it Matters to Marketers and Designers

The takeaway? As our lives and marketing become more complex by the day, a lot of companies try to break through the clutter by being the loudest.

Marketing doesn’t have to be loud, and often it’s not the loudest that break through, but the ‘easiest to understand’ that are most listened to. Google’s new logo and it’s predecessors are some of the best examples of elegance through simplicity. Their ‘home page’ is simple, easy to understand and functional. As a company dedicated to taking complex problems and massive amounts of information and filtering it down to useful information that everyone can enjoy – their logo, branding and marketing is well suited.

Your marketing should be the same way – a clear representation of who you are and your core vision as a company, without any clutter.

Ironically, in the age of information it’s minimalism that wins.