If your page is brand new, you might find more value reading my Facebook 101 post first by clicking here.

If you’re actively posting content and are getting ‘Likes’ on your posts, this simple tip is a great way to convert warm leads into followers for your Facebook page


So… you are frequently posting new content people are engaging with. Perfect. Now navigate to one of your posts that people have liked and click under the content piece on the name(s) of people who ‘Liked’ that piece of content [see below image]

Once you click on this a new pop up window will appear that shows the people who liked your post and if they have liked your page or not. If they haven’t liked your page you will see a button with the word ‘Invite’ to the right of their name (see below image)

If you click this button an invitation to like your page will automatically be sent to that person. What’s nice about this method is that you already know this person likes your content so they are much more likely to like your page. Also, the better your content performs and the more likes you get the more people you will be able to do this with for each piece of content you share.

Think of this as a way to convert warm leads to followers vs just inviting people in your current ‘Friend List’ who may have never even seen your content before or if they have, aren’t interested in it.

This method also works really well with paid content boosts since you’re reaching people who are not in your current network which means you have no other way of inviting these people to like your page… unless you send each person a friend request, they accept this request and then you invite them to like your page: not a scale-able option at all.

Important tip: be sure to invite them in less than 24 hours after they like your content otherwise they may forget who you are. Act when the memory is still fresh in their minds and your likelihood of conversion will be much, much higher.


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