Your One-Man Marketing Agency

Why pay 10 people what 1 pro can do themselves? Jon removes the massive hassle and cost of marketing agencies, delivering more value and better results.

How many people do agencies use to screw in a light bulb?

One to find the bulb, another to tell you how they're going to screw in the bulb, another to screw in the bulb, another to pay for the bulb, another to check everyone's work, another to lead the team, and another one to throw away the box and bubble wrap.

Agency Bloat

Trim the bloat, work directly with the marketer

Imagine an agency without the bloat, where you work directly with the marketer who completes each project. Overnight your budget would be cut in half, your projects would be delivered faster and you'd only need to communicate with a single person for all your projects. That’s the reason small businesses switch to Jon - your one man marketing agency.

One Man Team

So, are my clients happy?

Yes, yes they are!

By the way the last three sets of ads you made us are doing well, like really really really well…. the click through rate is 10 to 20 times better than Terminus’ average for all their clients. Amazing job!

Jennifer S.

Recruiting Company
[Comment on a client video I produced] I think your going to be hired to do more commercials, this is sensational!!

Leigh R.

[Logo Design] BOOM this is THE ONE I envisioned!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH 😊

Mike K.

[Graphic Design] I love all of the branding it looks super polished and fun!! Great job, Jon!

Tiffany D.

[Marketing Consulting] You're helping a ton. Thank you SO much... your coaching was MUCH appreciated for the wedding thing especially. This has been a big eye opener for me and my own stuff 🙂 And clearly, your plan of helping people build their business is also going to work, this has already helped me tremendously.


[Video Production] I gotta say, I'm a bit blown away!! ... No doubt we will be taking things to the next level. Thank you so much.


Regional P.T. Manager
[Photography] The photos were great and exceeded my expectations. If someone were to ever need photos taken I would recommend you. For myself these photos are invaluable...


[Marketing Consulting] I am very excited to announce that because of your insight on content marketing we placed among the top 6 of 31 Drexel University startups in the Business plan competition. We are moving on to round 2, during which we will present in front of judges for a prize of $12,500! I want to stress my sincere appreciation for your support. We truly could not have done it without you.


Marketing Student
Wow. Beyond thankful... You were right about the setup of lights, worked like a charm! 🙂Big thanks again, huge help!


High End Fashion Retailer
[A customer of my video production client] Excellent video. The quality on your videos has improved dramatically!


Customer of my Client
[Client video for a brewery] Very good promo makes me want to come down and enjoy the beer with the view!

Steve K.



There are few things professional photos can't improve.


Lighting, shooting and editing – your video game changer.


Stand above the crowd – get a unique but professional look.


Professional, responsive websites for under 5 figures.


Content strategy or ad campaigns – results driven plans.


Don't worry! Send a message and I'll see if I can help you.

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